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How to immigrate to Canada under the Quebec Business Entrepreneur Program?

The Quebec Entrepreneur category grants qualified business owners and managers the opportunity to obtain a Permanent Resident Visa provided that they can effectively create or acquire an agricultural, commercial, or industrial business in Quebec.


  • Intended destination: Quebec

  • Minimum Net Worth: Have legally acquired a minimum of CAD$300,000 in net worth, alone or with the help of their spouse or common-law partner in the event that the spouse or common-law partner is accompanying.

  • Business and/or Management Experience: Have acquired a minimum of two years work experience in business management (planning, supervision, and control of human, physical and financial resources) over the course of five years prior to the submission of the candidate's application and controlled at least 25% of the capital equity. Must also have accumulated this work experience in a profitable business (agricultural, commercial, or industrial enterprise) and in a position defined as full time.


Entrepreneur applicants must submit a business project.

The government of Quebec states that Entrepreneur candidates who successfully pass the preliminary assessment of their application will be invited to an interview.


In Canada, successful applicants are required to submit to a number of conditions for at least one year during the three years after obtaining their permanent resident status.


The applicant must:

  • Successfully create or acquire an agricultural, commercial or industrial business in the province of Quebec;

  • Control at least 25 percent of the capital equity of that business, accounting for a minimum of CAD$100,000;

  • Employ a Quebec resident in the business (other than the Entrepreneur or accompanying family members) in a position of at least 30 hours a week (note: the agricultural Entrepreneur is not bound to this obligation);

  • Actively participate in the management of the business.


How to proceed if you require assistance?

1. Email us ( Your issue and any documentation that you consider relevant


2. We review your documents and appoint a consultant/lawyer to contact you with the brief assessment


3. You decide whether to proceed.


All our cases are handled by experienced lawyers and RCIC immigration specialists.


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