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Significant Benefit Work Permit. Eligibility & Requirements

This is a federal program and the approval of a province is not required. The amount of your investment depends on the type and needs of the future business: there is no minimum investment requirement. The business can be located anywhere in Canada.


Eligibility Requirements

  • You want and planning to own and manage a business in Canada

  • You have financial resources to operate such a business

  • Your business processes, services are unique

  • Your business can bring significant economic, social and/or cultural benefits to Canada

The law does not define precisely what significant benefit really is which leaves room for interpretation based on the facts of each case. Nonetheless,  some key benefits Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will could be:

  • Creating new jobs

  • Transfer of knowledge to Canadians

  • Culturally inclined products

  • Business geared towards exportation

  • Business is going to be located in a rural region which will boost the region’s economy and diversity

The Significant Benefit Work Permit program applicant should be able to demonstrate prior experience and knowledge of the industry in which you want to do business in Canada. The more skilled and proficient you are in the field, the more solid your immigration application.


How to prove your prior experience:

  • Your articles about your projects;

  • Employment contracts;

  • Portfolios

  • Business license and balance sheets if you owned a similar business in the past

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