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How do I extend "bridge" my work permit?

* This type of work permit lets you keep working while you wait for the results of your permanent residence application.



Situations when You may be eligible for a bridging open work permit if:

- You applied for permanent residence
- Your current work permit expires in 4 months or less
- You have valid status on your work permit
- You are currently in Canada


You can qualify if you applied to one of these permanent residence programs:

If you applied through the Provincial Nominee Program and have employment restrictions as conditions of your nomination, you can’t get a bridging open work permit.

Quebec residents are not eligible for a bridging open work permit. Instead, if you hold a valid Certificat d’acceptation du Québec, you may be eligible for an employer-specific work permit under Labour Market Exemption code A75.

Supporting documents

When you submit your work permit application, include the supporting documents listed in your document checklist and add a copy of your Acknowledgment of Receipt letter.

If you applied under the Provincial Nominee Program, also include a copy of your nomination letter.

How to Benefit from Applying for a Bridging Open Work Permit

There are certain programs in Canada that lead to permanent residency. These programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, the Canadian Experience Class, or one of the Provincial Nominee Programs. In order to apply to any of these programs, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. There is a solution to continue working in Canada while Canadian Immigration processes your permanent residency application and that solution is bridging open work permit.

The bridging open work permit is different from any other work permit in Canada. This specific work permit is intended for foreign nationals who have applied for permanent residency in Canada and are currently working in Canada but have an impending expiration of their work permit. They must apply for this bridging open work permit at least four months before their existing work permit expires. In order to continue legally working in Canada, they may apply for a bridging open work permit. This allows the foreign worker to continue working in Canada while they await the decision of their permanent residency application.

f the bridging open work permit did not exist, the foreign national would either have to leave Canada temporarily; remain in Canada under a visitor visa status; or, find a Canadian employer who would agree to go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment process and then proceed to apply for a regular job-specific work permit.

Additionally, the bridging open work permit is essentially an open work permit. An open work permit is much more flexible than a job-specific work permit. The open work permit allows a foreign national to work for any Canadian employer anywhere in Canada. They are not restricted to a specific employer or a specific area in Canada. The open work permit provides the foreign national with the opportunity to explore the different opportunities available in the Canadian economy and labor market.


Eligibility for bridging open work permit:

The foreign worker must be residing in Canada
The foreign worker must have valid a valid work permit that will expire within four months
The foreign worker must be the principal applicant on the application for their permanent residency under these programs:

- The Federal Skilled Worker Class

- The Federal Skilled Trades Class

- The Canadian Experience Class 

- Provincial Nominee Programs 

The foreign worker must have received positive eligibility on their permanent residency application
The foreign worker must have applied for an open work permit


The following categories of individuals are ineligible for bridging open work permit:

  • The foreign worker is residing in Canada under section 186 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (work permit exempt) circumstances;

  • The foreign worker has let their authorized status in Canada expire;

  • The foreign worker’s work permit is valid for longer than four months and they have received a new LMIA that may be utilized for a new work permit application;

  • The foreign worker is applying for a bridging open work permit at a Canadian port of entry;

  • The foreign worker is either the spouse or dependent of the principal applicant on the permanent residency application;

  • The foreign worker is a provincial nominee who has not submitted their nomination letter with the application for the bridging open work permit and/or their nomination letter includes specific restrictions on their type of employment


How to proceed if you require assistance?

1. Email us ( Your issue and any documentation that you consider relevant


2. We review your documents and appoint a consultant/lawyer to contact you with the brief assessment


3. You decide whether to proceed.


All our cases are handled by experienced lawyers and RCIC immigration specialists.


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