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Canadian immigration consultations are provided by the licensed lawyers and
RCIC immigration specialists

You are planning to make an important “move” for yourself and your family, in most of the cases, by selling a property in your home country, quitting your job (if you are currently employed), leaving the environment that you have got used to and changing your life.


Is it not worthy to have direct communication with the real person, knowledgeable about immigration laws and regulations??


We believe that paying a small affordable fee in order to have all the crucial questions answered when it comes to immigration to Canada or any other country is one of the important steps one should make.


Why it matters who you work with?

  • Our RCIC Consultants are in good standing with the Canadian immigration authorities;


  • They guarantee that your application will be completed timely, correctly, and with all supporting documents attached; 

  • They know what questions are asked to make your application the best it can be;

  • They help you avoid the hidden "traps" of the Canadian immigration process and determine the right immigration program to Canada for you and your family.


We adhere to the highest standards of client relationship and service.

Some clients ask why should I pay for an immigration consultation? 

It is a valid question and requires clarification.


1. Immigration rules and regulations are constantly changing: working with, or at least, discussing options with a knowledgeable RCIC or lawyer will ensure that you have more control of the process and less uncertainty.

2. Immigration consultant’s time and knowledge are valuable.  If RCIC or immigration lawyer will provide face-to-face consultations with every client for free, that may not be the representative you want to handle your case.

Isn’t potentially avoiding serious immigration issues worth a small consultation fee?

3. When you pay for a consultation, the RCIC may be less likely to convince you to use her/his services. If the consultation is free, the consultant or lawyer is more likely to try convincing you that you should hire them.

4. Your documents will be reviewed in advance and the necessary research will be done in order to have meaningful consultation and communication. When you receive a free consultation, the lawyer or consultant, in most cases, will not spend any time on your case.

5. Experienced RCIC’s and immigration lawyers have experience in determining appropriate visa categories, strategies, and determining potential problems.


Note. Our consultation fees are credited to any services that you hire us to perform.  

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